Biz Pitch


BizPitch – What is it?

BizPitch is a FREE program where entrepreneurs present their ideas in a relaxed setting to a panel of local business experts while getting objective and constructive feedback.  The panelists’ knowledge and expertise provide the context for insightful and engaging discussion with the entrepreneur.  

How does it work?

Each entrepreneur or small business owner participant will explain his or her business idea in an 8-10 minute informal presentation (PowerPoints are discouraged).  This is followed by 30-40 minutes of feedback/Q&A with the panelists.  The panel consists of bankers, accountants, marketing professionals, manufacturing specialists, digital and social media experts, and other experienced entrepreneurs.

What’s the benefit?

Not only is the objective feedback incredibly valuable, the networking opportunities are tremendous.  The panelists are experienced local business people looking to give back to small businesses.  They want to help expand and grow current and start-up businesses in their communities, which helps spur economic growth.

Is there a BizPitch event near me?

Through a grant from Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, BizPitch will be rolled out to six cities across southern Minnesota.  Click here to see a complete schedule.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy, just fill out the short form and hit “send”.  Someone from RCEF will contact you soon.


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