10 Ways to Get People Raving About You and Your Business

Right now is the time to remind ourselves and our team members just how important it is to be the “Best on the Street” at providing a memorable and fun experience for your clients.

Every business person I visit with knows that “Great Service = Great Success. It’s the magic touch and the secret sauce of your business that will keep them coming back and telling others. The trick is to be consistent with every customer.

By having everyone (including the sales team, managers, and owners) following the same steps to success, every time, every hour, and every day, you can increase your sales by as much as 30-50%. Be passionate, consistent, fun,
happy and professional!

Here’s my secret sauce recipe, my special gift to you:

Top 10 Ways to Get People Raving About You and Your Business

  1. Wake Up Happy and Thankful; picture a great day, Be Your Best You today!

  2. 10 Foot Rule: Greet your customers with a big smile, eye contact and welcoming comments 10 feet after entering your business.(It’s ok for more than one team member to greet the same person)It makes them feel good and appreciated.

  3. Catch and Release: Begin a brief conversation (introduce yourself, if you don’t know them, ask their name) then use it during the shopping experience. Don’t try to over-talk. Once you’ve offered help and had a brief exchange, turn them loose (release).

  4. Be Available: learn to “read your customer” If they look like they are ready for help, offer it.

  5. Wow them & surprise them with a cup of coffee, bottle of water, a treat or a handout such as a “today’s special discount” coupon.

  6. Heather and Jim - AtoZinnia Store
  7. Be the Expert: Be a life-long learner and know what you’re selling. Study your products and the story of them. Share what you know with your customers.

  8. Rule of 3: Once the “show and tell” begins with your client, ask questions, make suggestions and suggest at least 3 ideas that haven’t discovered which they might like.

  9. The Wrap Up: Treat their purchase with the respect and care it deserves. Make it look nice with a touch of care and hand them your business card.

  10. The Thank You: Use, their name, eye contact, a sincere thank you and invitation to come back soon.

  11. With a significant purchase, send a follow-up, hand-written thank you note.

Remember: “People Who Think Great, Have Great Things Happen.”

Have a wonderful Christmas season and Happy Selling,

Jim Jensen, RCEF Small Business Consultant
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