Incubator Kitchen Information

Have a favorite recipe that you’d like to try turning into a commercial enterprise?  Want to try your hand at selling homemade salsa or caramels?  Or do you already make a food product out of your home kitchen but are looking to expand beyond the Minnesota state restrictions for home-based food businesses?   Then you might need an incubator kitchen.  An incubator kitchen, also called a culinary incubator or shared kitchen, is a full commercial kitchen rented either by the hour or day.  Typically the kitchen includes locked storage space for supplies and/or finished product.  The user needs to obtain his/her own licensure from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture or Health depending on the product being produced, and provide a certificate of liability insurance.

Below is information about two such kitchens in Southern Minnesota.

St.-James Kitchen Incubator Brochure

Pemberton Commercial Kitchen Incubator