Valuable Small Business Information

The links below are to articles written about various small business topics. Hope you find the information useful. If there are any additional areas you’d like to see covered, please email us we’ll consider adding your suggestions.


Choosing a location Part 1

Choosing a location Part 2

Lease Agreements

How to Obtain Barcodes for your Products

What to Consider When Buying a Franchise

How to Price Your Products for Retail, Wholesale, Distributors

Picking Suppliers

Banking Terms Defined

Credit Card Payment Processors & Merchant Accounts

POS Systems

Music licensing

Menu Planning & Profitability

Scheduling Employees

Interviewing an Accountant

Merchandising & In-Store Signage

Interviewing & Hiring – Legal & Illegal Questions

Employee Bulletin Board Dos & Don’ts

Managing Inventory

Home-Based Food Business

Getting Kids Involved in Entrepreneurship

Closing a Business