Internet Sites for Entrepreneurs

Government Sites:
Learn all about Blue Earth County government administration, programs, services, and department news that serves the citizens of Blue Earth County.

Learn about opportunities in Martin County, government administration, programs, services, and department news that serves the citizens of Martin County.

The U.S. Business Advisor giving official positions on government issues with information affecting business.

Dept. of Commerce (MN) for licenses, regulatory requirements, services of Dept. of Commerce, and weights and measures info.
The Secretary of State (MN) for tax info, services to help start up a business, forms and procedures for starting a business.
Dept. of Trade and Economic Development (MN) on business assistance and financial assistance programs in the State.
Find out what taxes are required to operate your business and how to satisfy the State of Minnesota requirements.
When a small business needs to get the regulations and information about environmental protection concerns and how to satisfy the EPA.
For existing businesses or start-ups and the location of respective SBDC’s across the U.S., plus links to the SCORE program.
The Senior Corps of Retired Executives site to help anyone with their issues on small business operations and establish a mentorship with experts
on any issue in business.
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with procedures on how to obtain proprietary protection for products, search
for patents, and apply for patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
To search copyrights, and receive forms and information on how to apply for copyrights.
The Women In Business Center with affliation to the SBA to help woman entrepreneurs with issues, funding, and advice.
The U.S. Bureau of Census on secondary market information useful to existing businesses for market plans and for start
ups to help mitigate risks in the market place.

Non-Governmental Sites:
Law center encyclopedia with legal topics and strategies on how to handle legal issues in small business.

Society for human resource management includes all topics necessary to ensure a first class human resource program in business.
Employee handbooks and labor management issues and solutions.
Starting a business with 20 employees or less as self-employed, as a free agent, e-lancers, telecommuters, or independent
contractors and home based businesses.
Entrepreneurs search engine for getting organized and how to use resources wisely for entrepreneurial ventures.
“Champions the entrepreneurial spirit” by providing information, research, and articles on all topics of business.
Small Office/Home Office is the official page for Home Office Assoc. of America with industry
statistics, trends, income tex tips and more.
Start up incorporation help site for all types of corporations.
Morrison Center for Entrepreneurism discussing the entire world of entrepreneurism.
The franchise directory and articles concerning how to run a franchise as well as the respective associations and business opportunities.
The franchise directory.
All the information you ever wanted to know about how to operate and start up a franchise along with training and investments.
The Mankato/North Mankato Chamber of Commerce site to inform citizens and business about events, services, and organizations.
The Minnesota resource on how to start up a non-profit organization.
Running an effcient business.
How to license a technology, get a trademark, patent, copyright and other inventors resources for information and ‘how to’ advice.
Legal issues for any type or size of business.
Learn about scams, felonious ventures, fraud promoters across America.
Gives info concerning various industries and their competitiveness.
Learn what consumers say about issues across America.
For manufacturers and OEM’s across the United States and Canada. What they manufacture, and how they distribute.
The NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages that allows you to search by company or by product while conducting your secondary market research.
The online listings of professional associations that are applicable to your business and industry with services to help you with business
issues and strategies.
Is the listing of all chambers of commerce by city and then you can see what businesses are present in respective cities.
The Entrepreneur Magazine site for small business resources, articles, and advice for entrepreneurs.
INC magazine for small business issues and articles of advice.
Industry and business issues and information searchable in depth to help with existing businesses and start up operations.
National Business Incubation Association.
A free website by Business Plan Pro and other business planning software products for online access to over 50
sample business and marketing plans.
For quarterly study of equity investments by venture capital companies.
Website on venture capital resources and related services but membership is required.


Professional Research Assistance:

The James J. Hill Reference Library has resources for you to write a successful business plan. They provide a guide with samples and you can get their catalog at (click on ‘Business Collection’ and then click on ‘Search our Library Catalog’ or call reference line at 651-265-5500 and talk with a Business information Specialist.