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RCEF is continuing to meet with clients from all aspects of business and preparation needs. The business’s include new startup companies and companies looking to expand. A strong emphasis is placed on not missing single steps in the planning process. It is essential when developing a business plan, marketing plan, or developing your cash flow that you evaluate all the little details. It is easier to make the mistakes on paper then to make them in a real life situation. RCEF makes certain that their clients evaluate every part of the business process and suggest ideas that you may not have thought of. If you as an entrepreneur have questions or need help with your business plan, marketing plan, or research call RCEF today and Bryan and Jon will make certain that you receive the information you are searching for.

RCEF is reaching out in various ways and applying what they tell their clients for social media as well as electronic newsletters because everyone is so busy and want information fast. Please go to our Facebook page, Linked In, or subscribe to our E-Newsletter to find out more opportunities RCEF can provide. In this month’s newsletter Frozen Yogurt Creations is highlighted as well as Board Member Dan Robinson. We look forward to connecting with you in our next newsletter.