Enthusiasm equals Success

Memo From Jim Jensen
RCEF Business Consultant, Coach, and Speaker

Monday, June 7, 2021

Recently a word has occasionally surfaced during discussions while meeting with many of my clients. That word is a powerful one for all of us who love and enjoy the excitement and challenge of business and living our lives to the fullest. The word is ENTHUSIASM.

A few years ago a dear friend of mine came into a business I was working with and handed me a small piece of paper. The word enthusiasm was written on the note. Joyce Peek knows of my love for business and thought I might like to use it in my presentations. Since that day, I have often used the word, enthusiasm as the foundation of my business customer service and sales training.

Joyce is most remarkable. She is in her early nineties and is young in attitude and love of life. I see her frequently having lunch and dining out with friends. Every time we meet she is always ENTHUSIASTIC and positive. Her enthusiasm is contagious and energizes me to focus on the good in everything and everyone.

In the daily grind of business, it can sometimes be trying, tiring, and challenging to stay positive. It happens to all of us who are entrepreneurs. How do we “leapfrog” over the negative and focus on the positive?

The word Enthusiasm is defined as “Intense and eager enjoyment, interest and approval.” It is also a strong excitement of feeling and desire to become involved.

So how do you and I become like Joyce who seeks people out, walks up to them, looks them in the eye, gives them a big smile and a positive greeting? The answer is to do exactly that. We must start every day thinking positively. I call it my M&Ms. (movement and meditation) Take a few minutes after your wake-up to meditate and move to your favorite music. Breath deep while doing a light workout and be thankful for all you have including the opportunities for success. Imagine a great and fun day.

Be like Joyce and train your team to be like Joyce.

If every person in your business has the “Joyce Attitude” the sky is the limit to your success. The secret is to have it be a part of your personal quest for success every day and then make it a part of your ongoing business culture. Enthusiasm is contagious. Your customers will embrace it, share it and keep returning to your business for more of it.